Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 10 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

 Where do I start?  There are so many amazing health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salts I felt compelled to share my favorites with you.  Here's my Top 10 favorites.....

My Top 10 Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt
10.  Provides relief for skin conditions such as psoraisis and skin rashes.
9.  Natural pink and light red colors from the high mineral and iron content.
8.  Considered one of the purest salts in the world coming from the clean rivers and lakes of the Himalayan Mountains.
7.  Smooths, softens and cleans skin - I never thought I'd say salt makes your skin soft, but it truly does!
6.  Helps strengthen our immune system.
5.  Soothes aches and pains.
4.  Has 84 trace elements such as potassium, calcium and iron.  Iron aids in transporting oxygen to our cells and gives it it's red color.
3.  Relaxing and helps you sleep deeper.
2.  Provides relief for colds and the flu.

And for my #1 Health Benefit........Big Drum Roll.....
1.  Good for water retention and PMS!  

Everything you put on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and cells.  So, when I think of bath and body products, I consider them the same as food that I ingest.  Putting only the best Mother Nature creates in my baths and on my skin is always at the forefront of my mind.   I must mention too, that I love to cook with Himalayan Pink Salt.  I find I use much less than regular table salt and I love knowing that it's so good for me.

Where can I buy Himalayan Pink Salt:  
Your local nutrition store

A note about unrefined salts:  When purchasing Himalayan Pink Salt it's important to make sure they haven't been refined.  Once they are refined, they lose many, if not all, of the health benefits listed above.  If it's not stated as "unrefined" on the packaging, ask the store clerk or company you're buying from.

Do you use Himalayan Pink Salts in the bath or cooking?  What is your favorite health benefit in my Top 10 list?  Are there any other health benefits not listed here that you love?
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